Orchids, Ultimate Library on CD – 24 Books, How to Grow, Culture, Greenhouse, Farming

Orchids, Ultimate Library on CD - 24 Books, How to Grow, Culture, Greenhouse, Farming

The Ultimate Vintage Collection on Orchids on CD 24 - Books on CD Make no mistake. This is the most complete collection of Orchid books on CD found anywhere on the Planet at the lowest possible cost. Copyright Dates: 1861 - 1941 It is scanned images of every page of the books, in Adobe Acrobat Reader in .PDF format. It's like having the actual book in front of you. Works with any computer, and is easy to use, read, resize or print from. Most of the books on the CD are SEARCHABLE* Partial List of Contents •About Orchids: A Chat ©1893 - By: Frederick Boyle •Bog-Trotting For Orchids ©1904 - By: Grace Greylock Niles •Cool Orchids and How to Grow Them ©1874 - By: F. W. Burbridge •Culture of Orchids ©1941 - By: U.S. Department of Agriculture •Hand-List of Orchids ©1904 •Lilies and Orchids ©1906 - By: Rosina C. Boardman •Orchids ©1911 - By: James O. Brien •Orchids a Description of the Species and Varieties Grown at Glen Ridge, Near Boston ©1888 - By: Edward

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About Orchids: A Chat (Practical Gardening Series)

About Orchids: A Chat (Practical Gardening Series)

About Orchids – Practical Gardening - A Chat - By Frederick Boyle. "I thank you for reminding your readers, by reference to my humble work, that the delight of growing orchids can be enjoyed by persons of very modest fortune. To spread that knowledge is my contribution to philanthropy, and I make bold to say that it ranks as high as some which are commended from pulpits and platforms. For your leader-writer is inexact, though complimentary, in assuming that any 'special genius' enables me to cultivate orchids without more expense than other greenhouse plants entail, or even without a gardener. I am happy to know that scores of worthy gentlemen—ladies too—not more gifted than their neighbours in any sense, find no greater difficulty. If the pleasure of one of these be due to any writings of mine, I have wrought some good in my generation."

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

This handsome reference, now available in paperback, is sure to delight gardeners with a casual interest in orchids as well as the committed enthusiast and professional. Encompassing a wide spectrum of orchid genera, over 1100 species and hybrids commonly in cultivation are detailed. With an authoritative but accessible text written by acknowledged experts of international renown, the book features all the pertinent topics which guide the reader to an understanding of these wonderful flowers: orchid habitats, distribution, classification, hybrids, pollination, cultivation, and conservation. The alphabetical "Orchids A–Z" section includes descriptions, taxonomy, currently accepted names and synonyms, geographic distribution, notes on culture, and hundreds of color photographs of the best-known species in cultivation.

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Orchids for Every Home: The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Beautiful, Easy-Care Orchids

Orchids for Every Home: The Beginner

From selecting the right plant to providing proper growing conditions, Orchids for Every Home is your complete handbook to keeping your orchids healthy and blooming. Starting with the most popular orchids that require the least care and progressing to more high-maintenance flowers, this practical guide is organized to help you find the orchid that is just right for you and the conditions in your home. You'll learn about 104 different orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Miltoniopsis, Aygopetalum, Brassia, Dendrobium, and many more. All plant profiles include: A description of the plant and its flowers When and how often it blooms Where to site it Watering and other care instructions In addition, a troubleshooting section helps you identify problems--such as sunburn, viruses, mealybugs, and red spider mites--and shows you how to quickly and efficiently deal with them. Both beautiful and practical, Orchids for Every Home shows you just how easy it is to grow these exquisite flowers.

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Growing Windowsill Orchids (Kew Growing)

Growing Windowsill Orchids (Kew Growing)

From the elegant, warmth-loving moth orchid to the perennially popular slipper orchid, Growing Windowsill Orchids tells indoor gardeners everything they need to know in order to grow these exquisite flowering plants at home. With more than thirty years of experience growing and writing about the many species of orchids, Philip Seaton shares his recommendations for choosing the best plant, looking after plants that have finished flowering, and encouraging plants to flower year after year. Step-by-step instructions demystify not only the watering and feeding process, but also repotting, composting, and keeping orchids free from pests and disease.   For those who wish to know more about the science behind orchids, this sumptuous book covers the basics of orchid biology and conservation. Written in non-technical language and copiously illustrated with line drawings and full-color photographs, Growing Windowsill Orchids is the perfect primer on everything the orchid novice needs to kno

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Four Seasons of Orchids (Gardening)

Four Seasons of Orchids (Gardening)

Long prized by collectors and specialist cultivators, orchids are commonly (and mistakenly, as it turns out) believed to be difficult to grow and maintain. In fact, many varieties are as easily grown as any other perennial.There are as many as 20,000 species with the family Orchidae, including plants that bear some of Earth's most showy and flamboyant flowers. This superb book presents a selection of the most exceptional orchids anywhere, all of which can be cultivated at home. But unlike other books on this topic, Four Seasons of Orchids is divided by the season in which they flower. Compiled by renowned orchid photographer Greg Allikas and recognized orchid expert (and American Orchid Society judge) Ned Nash, the book is organized into four parts, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, making it easy for any horticulturalist to plan his or her orchid year with dazzling displays of color.  Full of magnificent, unique photographs and accompanied by a wealth of advice for their cultivation,

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Easy Orchids: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens–Indoors and Out

Easy Orchids: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens--Indoors and Out

With growing orchids as a pastime ever increasing in popularity, here, reissued with a lovely new cover, is one of the most popular books on the subject. This engaging volume provides all the inspiration and hands-on facts for transforming a windowsill, patio, glassed-in porch, or small garden plot into orchid territory, with the emphasis-given a plant that can be all too intimidating-on the easy. Theres Ladys Slipper orchids and Jewel orchids for low-light homes; Laeliocattleyas to take advantage of a sunny kitchen window; and a host of other varieties. Complete with concise, easy-to-follow instructions, and beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, Easy Orchids makes growing these prima donnas of the plant world rewarding and enjoyable for beginner and expert gardeners alike.

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Complete Guide to Orchids (Miracle Gro)

Complete Guide to Orchids (Miracle Gro)

• Simple techniques and professional tips for growing orchids indoors.• Up-to-date expert advice guides readers on how to water, fertilize, light and propagate orchids.• A pictorial troubleshooting section helps homeowners diagnose any ailments their orchids might suffer. • Includes bonus in-depth information on the history of orchids so homeowners understand why orchids require certain growing conditions and care.• Invaluable resource for both novice and experienced orchid lovers.

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Easy Orchids: The Fail-Safe Guide to Growing Orchids Indoors

Easy Orchids: The Fail-Safe Guide to Growing Orchids Indoors

Advances in home climate technology have spurred a dramatic rise in the popularity of orchids as houseplants. Wide availability and affordability have made them far more accessible. Modern orchid varieties are hardy and come in a vast array of colors and sizes to suit any gardener's home environment. Easy Orchids shows just how easy it is to fill the home year-round with these colorful and scented blooms. The book is packed with glorious color photographs of orchids from around the world and gives practical guidance and expert tips in a clear and easy-to-use format. Topics include: Extensive A-Z orchid directory of plants Cool, warm and intermediate varieties Choosing a healthy plant and checklist for buying orchids online Transporting and importing plants Detailed cultivation instructions Strength of fragrance and size of bloom Ease of growth and ideal growing temperature and location Watering and humidity levels Feeding, potting and seasonal care. Us

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Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World’s Most Exotic Plants

Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World

Orchids are the largest family of plants in the world. With 30,000 known species, you could acquire a different orchid every day for eighty years and still not grow them all. Back in the realm of reality, readers of this beautiful book can quickly and easily find the orchids that are right for them -- which ones will thrive on a windowsill, which prefer artificial lights, and which need a greenhouse; which are for beginners, which for experts. And you can pinpoint the species within a particular genus that are the best ones to start with. Once you select your orchid, William Cullina's authoritative guide explains what to do to keep it alive and healthy. Featuring more than two hundred color photographs, Understanding Orchids covers everything you need to know to grow orchids successfully, whatever your level of interest or experience. With improved tissue-culture techniques making orchids more affordable, and the Internet making them readily available to consumers, growing orchids is

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