An Enthusiasm for Orchids: Sex and Deception in Plant Evolution

The male thynnine wasp’s extreme sexual enthusiasm is crucial to reproduction of hammer orchids in the wild. Hammer orchids have co-evolved to produce odors identical to those manufactured by female thynnine wasps. The male wasp’s superb sensitivity to the scent of his female mate is the basis for the hammer orchid’s deceit–in effect, orchids exploit the male insect’s highly adaptive sense of smell for their own propagation. While pollinating orchids is a waste of time, and thus a maladaptive activity for a wasp, his mistake comes about because he must react quickly whenever he senses a possible mate nearby. Alcock suggests that, “for insects, he who hesitates is lost, although perhaps it would be better to say that he who hesitates often loses a chance to pass on his genes.” This book abounds with clever explanations for how these exceptionally complex flowers came to be shaped as they are. The reader can explore many aspects of orchid biology and history ranging from how some
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Orchid Plant : The Insider’s Secrets & Tips How To Have a Garden Full of Orchid Flowers

Here’s what you’ll discover in Orchid Plant : The Insider’s Secrets & Tips How To Have a Garden Full of Orchid Flowers eBook:How to give your orchids the right amount of light to help them thrive…-3 little known, yet simple ways to water your orchids…-Secrets from orchid experts that few people ever know about…-3 proven steps to using fertilizer to maximize the growth of your orchids…-2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to growing your orchids in the right amount of humidity…-WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to growing orchids…-You’ll discover in just a few short minutes how to pick out the right kind of orchid for you…-6 time tested and proven strategies for re-potting your orchid plant…-When to seek professional help when it comes to getting advice about your orchid…-7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for protecting your orchids from pests and disease…-A pennies on the dollar approach to buying the essential
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Terrestrial Orchids: From Seed to Mycotrophic Plant

Terrestrial Orchids: From Seed to Mycotrophic PlantTerrestrial orchids have a wide appeal, but unfortunately they rank among the most vulnerable of all plant species, and little is known about how they reproduce in nature. This book contains a detailed survey of the biology of terrestrial orchids, from seed dispersal to establishment and life of the adult plant, based on comparisons of field and culture experiments. The unusual mode of obtaining energy by means of mycorrhiza is examined and evaluated in terms of plant structure and functions, and the impact of this mycotrophic nutrition on orchid evolution. The book makes it clear that an understanding of germination, life histories and seasonal phenology in natural habitats is essential for the success of culture methods, propagation and conservation. The final chapter is a systematic presentation of the life history, endophytes, and propagation of 36 genera of terrestrial orchids. Environmental plant physiologists will find this a stimulating book; for all those who are involved in orchid horticulture the book is indispensable.

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