About Orchids: A Chat (Practical Gardening Series)

About Orchids: A Chat (Practical Gardening Series)

About Orchids – Practical Gardening - A Chat - By Frederick Boyle. "I thank you for reminding your readers, by reference to my humble work, that the delight of growing orchids can be enjoyed by persons of very modest fortune. To spread that knowledge is my contribution to philanthropy, and I make bold to say that it ranks as high as some which are commended from pulpits and platforms. For your leader-writer is inexact, though complimentary, in assuming that any 'special genius' enables me to cultivate orchids without more expense than other greenhouse plants entail, or even without a gardener. I am happy to know that scores of worthy gentlemen—ladies too—not more gifted than their neighbours in any sense, find no greater difficulty. If the pleasure of one of these be due to any writings of mine, I have wrought some good in my generation."

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Growing Orchids – The Complete Practical Guide To Orchids And Their Cultivation

Growing Orchids is the complete practical guide to orchids and their cultivation. An inspirational encyclopedia of orchids, with guidance on the best orchids to choose. The book contains clear, practical advice on growing and displaying orchids indoors, under glass and outdoors. Everything you need to know to grow orchids successfully, with step-by-step information on potting and mounting orchids; propagation; feeding, watering and light levels; and dealing with pests and diseases. An easy-to-use orchid directory of over 200 fabulous orchids, with photographs of each orchid and vital information on habitat, size, flowering time and growing requirements. There are over 600 specially commissioned
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Orchids for Everyone: A Practical Guide to the Home Cultivation of over 250 of the World’s Most Beautiful Varieties

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This comprehensive guide book takes a step-by-step approach to proper potting mediums, light, water and fertilization of a wide variety of orchids. It is written for beginners, hobbyists and all orchidists as an adventure in the joy of growing orchids. Also included are over 150 full color photographs and illustrations of orchids in all their glory as well as a source guide.

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The world of orchids: A practical guide to cultivating orchids in soilless culture

The World of Orchids is a practical guide to cultivating orchids in a soilless culture. This book provides research-based advice on organic and inorganic growing media, fertilizing and watering, plant nutrition and nutrient feed systems, pH measurement, stress factors, tissue analysis, and mineral deficiency and toxicity. It also describes the unique root system of the orchid plant, propagating and raising seedlings, as well as repotting and potting-on. This book is for the small orchid enthusiast as well as commercial growers producing high-quality orchid plants and flowers on a large scale. The World of Orchids will prove a welcome addition to the libraries of all orchid lovers.160 pages.

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Growing Orchids. the Complete Practical Guide to Orchids and Their Cultivation

Wild orchids evoke a particular and sometimes addictive fascination among naturalists, botanists, and wildflower enthusiasts. With few exceptions, these singular plants cannot be moved and propagated successfully, and so, to ensure their survival, they must be protected and sought out in their native habitats. This definitive guide facilitates their discovery and enjoyment. Covers all orchids growing wild in New England, New York, and adjacent areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Includes illustrated keys to the genera and species and a checklist of northeastern orchids. Describes in alphabetical order 71 orchid species and varieties, with a drawing of each, and full information on more than 50 forms and hybrids. Features 192 full-color photographs of the orchids in their native habitats, along with 71 distribution maps. Suggests where to find the orchids. Provides a bibliography and a glossary. Bound with a durable cover for use in the field.


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