How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World – at No Cost!

Want to help make your community, your town–your world–a better place, but don’t know where to begin? How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist shows you the way. A handbook, a resource guide, a call  to action, and an inspiration, it offers 330 concrete, direct ideas for making a difference–all of which have nothing to do with the size of your checkbook and everything to do with using the hidden assets that are already a part of your life. Whether you’re shopping, working, exercising, or surfing the Web, there are hundreds of ways to slip small but deeply meaningful acts of philanthropy into your life,  using over 600 of the most innovative and effective charitable organizations around.   Have an old pair of sneakers lying around the house? Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program will recycle them into safe playground surfaces. Getting rid of that old cell phone? Call to Protect will refurbish it as an emergency lifeline for abused women. Racking up frequent- flier
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The world of orchids: A practical guide to cultivating orchids in soilless culture

The World of Orchids is a practical guide to cultivating orchids in a soilless culture. This book provides research-based advice on organic and inorganic growing media, fertilizing and watering, plant nutrition and nutrient feed systems, pH measurement, stress factors, tissue analysis, and mineral deficiency and toxicity. It also describes the unique root system of the orchid plant, propagating and raising seedlings, as well as repotting and potting-on. This book is for the small orchid enthusiast as well as commercial growers producing high-quality orchid plants and flowers on a large scale. The World of Orchids will prove a welcome addition to the libraries of all orchid lovers.160 pages.

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Guide to Orchids of the World

Orchids – The Complete Grower’s Guide covers all aspects of cultivating orchids. It is suitable both for the beginner starting out, as well as for the more committed orchid enthusiast looking to try some of the more unusual species available. The authors, backed by years of hands-on experience, take an in-depth look at orchid growing today. Areas covered include a comprehensive background to the orchid and its history together with information on hybridisation and the conservation of rare and threatened species in the wild. On the practical side there is down-to-earth advice with step-by-step instructions on the care of orchids for the amateur and the more advanced gardener: watering, feeding, pests, greenhouse cultivation, re-potting, root care and compost are amongst the many subject areas covered. Superb, specially commissioned photographs accompany the text and reveal the intrinsic beauty of these exotic plants.

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