Spectacular Orchids: The Basics Of Growing Your Own Orchids

Spectacular Orchids: The Basics Of Growing Your Own Orchids

This book is written for the first time orchid owner…. I will endeavor to impart some basic orchid facts and growing tips. After reading this book you should be able to keep your orchid flourishing and flowering consistently. The more orchids you grow the easier it will become…. Once you have been successful at growing orchids, you should know that you will be hooked forever….. These beautiful, spectacular blooms will be worth any effort you have taken.

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Your First Orchid

Your First Orchid

It is easy to learn how to grow orchids with the help of this book published by the American Orchid Society. The author writes about how to select orchids, water and fertilize plants, choose a growing area, repot, identify and control ailments, and then recommends choices for beginners. More than 70 color photographs by Charles Marden Fitch show how to pot an orchid, water, grow orchids under lights, and much more.

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How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World – at No Cost!

Want to help make your community, your town–your world–a better place, but don’t know where to begin? How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist shows you the way. A handbook, a resource guide, a call  to action, and an inspiration, it offers 330 concrete, direct ideas for making a difference–all of which have nothing to do with the size of your checkbook and everything to do with using the hidden assets that are already a part of your life. Whether you’re shopping, working, exercising, or surfing the Web, there are hundreds of ways to slip small but deeply meaningful acts of philanthropy into your life,  using over 600 of the most innovative and effective charitable organizations around.   Have an old pair of sneakers lying around the house? Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program will recycle them into safe playground surfaces. Getting rid of that old cell phone? Call to Protect will refurbish it as an emergency lifeline for abused women. Racking up frequent- flier
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Growing Orchids in Your Garden

Wherever you live in the world, you can grow orchids in your garden. From lady’s slippers in boreal forests to dendrobiums hanging from tropical palms, orchids provide color and elegance unmatched by any other garden flower. Although it may sound too good to be true, many orchids are actually low-maintenance plants for various backyard habitats — and don’t need special pots or greenhouses. In this exciting book, Robert Friend shows gardeners how to introduce orchids into the garden by attaching them to trees, fixing them to rocks and walls, or planting them directly into garden beds. He details more than 500 orchid choices for every garden situation and supplies practical cultivation information. The author draws on a lifetime of experience with orchids to explain how to choose the right orchid for a given climate and how to landscape with orchids in different types of gardens from tropical to cool-climate areas, from large acreages to small courtyard gardens. Growing Orchids in
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How to Grow Orchids: Your Guide to Total Orchid Care

Have you ever considered growing orchids? Have you wondered how to grow orchids indoors? Thought growing orchids would not be easy? If so, you have come to the right place for answers to those and other questions!If you have been looking for orchids information but have about given up, don’t despair! With your copy of “How to Grow Orchids: Your Guide to Total Orchid Care” you will have a handy one stop ‘orchids made easy book’ to learn all about orchid care.From learning how to grow orchids to discovering how to make orchids bloom, “How to Grow Orchids: Your Guide to Total Orchid Care” will show you this and more.Learn all about orchids and growing or planting them, what to know when growing orchids at home and access to a list of orchids growing tips.If you ever wondered how to get orchids to bloom, “How to Grow Orchids: Your Guide to Total Orchid Care” will show you!Here is just some of what you will find inside:• The Majestic World of Orchids• The List of
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